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MidTerm Review Meeting

The EGALITE MidTerm Review Meeting, was successfully held on the 3th of December 2013 in Virtual Flying Laboratory at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (Poland). This meeting is formally the technical closeout of the first part of the EGALITE project implementation  which officially ends on 31st December 2015. 

The EGALITE MTR was focused on presenting and assessing the project achievements and outcomes, ensuring the completion of the activities and committed deliverables of the Grant Agreement and deriving lessons learnt and recommendations to be applied for the EGALITE projects’ future activities.

Representatives from all the partners of the consortium (The Silesian University of Technology, Pildo Labs, LG Nexera Business Solution AG) attended the meeting and participated actively by presenting its motivation to joint EGALITE, work performed, experience and lessons learnt.

- from The Silesian University of Technology the following people attended the MTR:

1. Prof. Krzysztof Cyran, Project Coordinator,

2. Mr. Oleg Antemijczuk, R&D Manager,

3. Ms. Dagmara Sokołowska, PR Manager,

4. Mr. Adam Zazula, secondee to PLD,

5. Mr. Tomasz Drosik, secondee to PLD,

6. Mr. Dariusz Myszor, secondee to NXR,

7. Mr. Marcin Wierzchanowski, secondee to NXR,

8. Mr. Bartłomiej Szady, secondee to PLD,

9. Mr. Tomasz Płuciennik, secondee to PLD.


- from PildoLabs:

1. Mr. David Enrich, secondee to SUT,


- from LG Nexera:

1. Mr. Gerald Hochegger, legal representative from NXR,

2. Mr. Marcin Grygierek, secondee to SUT


At the unofficial part of the MTR, that took place at Spichlerz Restaurant, were present:

- Prof. Jerzy Rutkowski, previous Vice Rector of the Silesian University of Technology,

- Mr. Krzysztof Banaszek and Marek Lewandowski from Polish Air Navigation Services,

- Prof. Wojciech Moczulski from the Silesian University of Technology,

- Mr. Eugeniusz Piechoczek. 


The European Commission representatives acknowledge the general conclusions stating that: ‘The EGALITE project is running effectively. The whole consortium and the coordinator demonstrated high interest and dedication to the project. This could be seen already from the quality of the report and attachments submitted and has been confirmed during the MTR.  



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