Silesian University of Technology
Tomasz Płuciennik, MSc, Early Stage Researcher

Tomasz Płuciennik will be a part of the early stage staff within the EGALITE project. His knowledge about computer science and spatial data will be used in correlation to aviation and satellite navigation.


Tomasz Płuciennik studied Computer Science at the Silesian University of Technology in 2003-2008 and graduated with MSc degree in System Programming. Since 2009 he is a PhD student at Silesian University of Technology at Data Mining (EkDan) course studies. Speaks fluently English and German.

professional experience

Tomasz Płuciennik spent the last semester of studies on internship in DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) in Hamburg where he wrote his MSc thesis partially related to GIS (Geographic Information Systems) systems. He has a professional experience with Java programming language and Java-based technologies, relational and object databases and their applications in GIS systems. He published five papers regarding his PhD studies, including topics of spatial information and modern software development.


Mathematics, astronomy and high energy physics.

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