Silesian University of Technology
Adam Zazula, MSc, Early Stage Researcher

Adam Zazula will be seconded to Pildo (Barcelona, Spain), where he will participate in implementation within WP3 under the supervision of Pildo RTD Manager and EGALITE RTD Manager GNSS based Flight Test&Validating Platform. 


Adam Zazula, graduated in 2008 Katowice School of Economics (KSE) with MA degree in the field of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"IT in Business Management\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".
 He also graduated postgraduate training studies conducted by Centre for Civil Aviation Staff Training of Central and Eastern Europe called Teleinformatics in Aviation Transport. PhD student in the Institute of Informatics at Silesian University of Technology.

professional experience

Adam Zazula is highly experienced in managing server computers of Polish Court and he is the Information Safety Administrator according to ISO 27001.
As real plane and glider pilot, his professional interests include: aviation, aircraft simulators, design and management.
He has a broad knowledge of aviation systems, such as ILS, VOR DME, navigation and meteorology, airframes design, ARINC429 (technical standard for the predominant avionics data bus), and knowledge of GPS systems. He is experienced in design and implementation of IT systems in government institutions. Currently, he is managing a network consisting of 450 workstations and 20 serves. He received security certificates from Polish Internal Security Agency.
His computer skills include expertise in operating systems: MS Window: Server 2003/2008, 7, XP, Linux, programming languages, databases, CISCO, 3-COM configuration and management. His has also knowledge of DTP and 3D graphics. Since 2011 he works at Virtual Flying Laboratory at SUT as a PhD student. He is also software Auditor.


Aviation – plane and glider flying (also competitions and instructor), flight simulators, photo (industrial, portraits with many photographic exhibitions and awards), riding on motorcycles, new technology in IT, European travels, technology of Intelligent Houses.

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