Pildo labs

Pildo Lab's mission is to transform technology into useful solutions for the critical civil world.
The company's aim is the use of science and technology to create advanced solutions and services to help the clients creating business opportunities and improving their processes. Pildo's competitive advantage is based on a solid core knowledge of technology and their client's sectors and needs, which allows Pildo to provide technology solutions for the most critical worlds. The company focuses on solving their customers' challenges in aviation, space, finance, environmental, utilities and public government sectors, by means of tailored-made solutions and services based on proprietary applications. Four elements separate Pildo from the competitors: profound technology knowledge, comprehensiveness, their experience and passion. The combination of a sound knowledge of technology and a group of highly motivated and competent professionals from different nationalities leads to a common goal: providing their clients with top of the edge technologies and end-to-end solutions to create a real added value.Pildo Labs pursues innovation and searches for today's technology's limits to provide a reliable and useful solution to society in any carried out activity. Pildo has found that there are some values which will lead to success at work and in life:
•Always deliver more than expected.
•Mind about concepts, no appearances.
•Ethics on business and developments. Making money is possible while being ethical and useful.
•Employee commitment at all Pildo levels with strong international perspectives.
•Focusing on the client's needs, which brings dirctly 50% of the final solution.

Gallery of project participants

will support secondees from SUT in practical knowledge related to approach procedures design in WP3

will support training and transfer of knowledge programme helping in research on precise point positioning (WP2)

will support training and transfer of knowledge programme within WP1 focused on smart sensors

will support secondees from SUT in practical knowledge related to GNSS-guided approach procedures (WP3)

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