LG Nexera

Since its foundation around 20 years ago, NXR was searching for innovative paths in software development and product markets. Thanks to unique philosophy NXR as first international T-Mobile partner was one of the pioneers in mobility. It invented one of first frameworks for online data presentation. LG Nexera expertise matches the scope of the VIRTEPORT project in the field of development and delivery of commercial software for mobile GPS-based smart sensor applications in European market. LG Nexera delivers Mind Mobile (mobile scheduling system), ERAMI (Mobile Reporting and Inspection), Gideon Mobile (data collections) – all with maps and GPS integration, often dedicated for untypical industrial usage. Furthermore, development of these systems reinforced NXR expertise in mobile databases and system integration aspects.From technologic point of view LG Nexera is certified in Microsoft and Blackberry environments.

Gallery of project participants
Johannes Leitner, founder and CEO of LG Nexera. Starting as a Software Developer 25 years ago, he gained experience in more than 500 projects for the biggest enterprises and governmental organisations in austria and also some international projects. Currently working mainly in the role of CEO but still active in the role of product design and business development in selected fields within the activities of LG Nexera.
Florian Poller, Project Manager of LG Nexera has broad experience in managing interdsiciplinary projects. In LG Nexera he is responsible for Portfolio Management and product development.
Was responsible for design and create EPHS Portal and transmission protocols with performance tests.
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