Pildo Labs aims at transforming science and technology into advanced solutions and services to help the clients to create business opportunities and improve their processes.
From consultancy and engineering services to software and systems development, integration of turnkey solutions and operation support. Behind their strategy there is a sound knowledge of technology and a group of highly competent professionals from different nationalities with a common goal: providing their clients with breakthrough technologies and end-to-end solutions which allow them to create added value.
Pildo Labs has been awarded with several national and international prizes and distinction acknowledgments for innovation, quality and engineering excellence. The company has an excellent record in the successful completion of studies and developments for major clients, including The European Space Agency, European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), The European Commission (EC), Major Finance Brokerage Firms (MKS Finance- Geneva, Merrill Lynch), Air Traffic National Service providers and governments.

The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is one of the biggest universities of technology in Poland, with more than 60-years of successful tradition in education, research and development as well as cooperation with industry. The 14 Faculties cover the whole range of engineering disciplines, as well as elements of management, sociology and administration. Educational and research activities benefit from large number of modern lecture halls and advanced laboratories and are carried out by remarkable university staff consisting of over 1700 academic teachers including 300 professors and DSc degree holders. The Silesian University of Technology is an active partner of the European students exchange within the framework of the LLP-Erasmus programme, on the basis of over 145 bilateral agreements with European universities.
Following the Bologna Declaration, the Silesian University of Technology has activated courses at different levels: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PhD courses. Studies at the Silesian University of Technology provide with opportunities for successful entry into professional life and highly developed research work.

LG NEXERA Business Solutions AG is one the Austria‘s leading institutions for mobile solutions. The company has been founded in 1995 as a software development company for large enterprises. In  1999, LG NEXERA started it’s activities in the field of mobile solutions.
In the course of integrating and implementing the most modern technologies available,  LG NEXERA also took part and sometimes leaded in several Austrian research projects in the field of mobile software solutions.
Currently, more than 10.000 Users and Vehicles are equipped with Solutions from LG NEXERA. These Solutions Contain a variety of supported Scenarios including advanced geofencing, device management, electronic signature, NFC Integration, and also Sensor Integration through „boxes“ connected to the vehicles.
The focused USP of LG NEXERA Solutions, is to deliver intelligent and process integrated Systems which allow the clients to reduce their administrational costs, save money through optimizing their logistical processes, and improve the documentation available on the work, which has been done.

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