The EGALITE project is designed for intersectorial transfer of knowledge and staff training between large university from Poland - Silesian University of Technology, and two efficient SMEs: Pildo from Spain and LG Nexera from Austria.

The project achieves this goal in the field of multi-sensors mobility applications for emergency prevention and handling using European EGNOS/Galileo global navigation satellite system (GNSS). Through collaborative research programme, the partners develop prototypes of original and innovative terrestrial and aviation GNSS applications. Starting with multisensor studies and exploiting professional integrating technologies, the EGALITE partnership explores the above field by implementing:
(1) new functionalities to e-Call service intended to bring through mobile devices with integrated accelerometers rapid assistance to motorists involved in a collision or traffic jams anywhere in EU,
(2) system aimed to prevent emergency for helicopters approaching for landing guided by innovagive GNSS navigation - based system.

The research is carried out also in artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to recognise the type of emergency situation from sensor raw data supplemented by mathematical models.

The use of mass-market mobile phones devices with integrated GNSS receiver in combination with accelerometer will be considered in implementation of the enhanced e-Call service concept. For that purpose, investigating of the precision limits in positioning techniques for single frequency low cost GNSS receivers will also be studied. The application of GNSS in aviation industry will be studied in SUT’s Virtual Flying Laboratory equipped with professional flight simulators of airplanes and helicopters with mounted GARMIN 430 GPS receivers.

Project by:
Final Meeting Gliwice 2015

The Final Meeting took place in Gliwice on 17th December 2015. Download agenda

Annual workshop - Barcelona 2015

The third annual EGALITE workshop has been held in Barcelona, at PILDO Labs venue, in the third week of August (26th - 27th of August 2015). Download agenda

The second annual EGALITE workshop has been held in Vienna, at LG Nexera venue, in the third week of August (20th - 22nd of August 2014). Download agenda

The MidTerm Review meeting took place in Gliwice on 3rd December 2013. The legal representatives of the European Commission, the Management and the secondees (having secondements in the past or in the present) were present at the MTR meeting. 

In first week of June (1st – 3rd of July 2013) the annual workshop took place in Barcelona. The main goal was training and dissemination dimension.